Why choose Lightiger?

Why choose Lightiger?

you must had some experience like the following when you cooperate with Chinese Suppliers:

1) the sales who responsible for your contact seams can not coomunicate very fluently,or she/he seams can not understand you very well.

2)there were always many kinds of problems with the goods,not very serious problems,just you feel not such smooth.

   when you feedback the problems,it seams very hard to get the reasonalble reply you expected.

3)there were always fake information ,for example,you mentioned 100lm/w,turned out only 90,you confirmed to pack in your brand label,sometimes not...

while there were more than these,what we heard from customers is ,'it is really hard to meet a Chinese sales that can understand what I need,they only need money,need order,never know what they are selling'

as a Chinese cooperation,it's a pitty to hear this,so,we will change these,we devoted to solve those problems.

thus,Lightiger have both two cvery closely cooperated Factories,which has been focuse on LED Light producing for more than 12 years.they are the leading Factory in Chinese market,

at the same time,we,Lightiger industries also get some other famous factories' support,which was suppliers of GE Lighting,Thorn Lighting,Pauman,Metro Supermarket etc. you don't ever need to worry about the qulification of factories,the service of your sales contact.

Because our shareholders have been international training teachers of Alibaba ,so all of our sales staffs are all well trained both for products and working skills.

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Our Clients

Our Services

we focus on supplying LED Street light,LED Strip,LED Panel,LED Grow light,LED Smart Light

Work & Business site

Use LED Plant Light,to boost growth,make your bonsai looks more beautiful.you could also use LED Strips,led small panels or LED Panels for your office etc.

Hotel & Restaurant

led strips and LED Smart sensor bulbs,small round panel made your hotel and restaurant be more luxioury,romantic

Home Using

Use the LED strips for your home deco.,smart bulbs etc to make your life easier