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Shenzhen Lightiger industries is a company dedicated in LED Light.Founders are all have strong ability in different LED related field,for example,experienced and customer highly praised sales,more than 15 years successful company running specialist,engineers with lots of self developing patents,and professional factories running managers with more than 12 years experiences and so on.

       LED Light are our main products,such as LED street Light,LED Plant light,LED Panel Light,LED Strip Lights etc.To make Lightiger be more professional,we have lots of items under cooperating with famous Chinese suppling chains as well,like Zumtobel -Thorn Light supplier in China,GE lighting Chinese suppliers,Philips Lighting Supplier.

  For those customers have problems for communication with most Chinese sales,that's our advantages to help you,and most customers prefer to cooperate with factories,we also have this advantages,what you expected in LED Light,here,Lightiger industries is the best choice.

Our team member also had experiences with Lumitech Group,Bouygues group,and Beghelli,so  you could trust us,your money is safe,Lightiger members would take each of your order seriously.

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    We treat each customer as important as possible,to meet expected time and quality for value is our mission

  • Rich Experience

    Experience gets the job done. Lightiger’s teams have more than 10 years of international sales practice.

  • Great Results

    Results are only successfully cooperate when we make your order,quality and delivery in time is our general goal!




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